Droit à la réparation | Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Be Able To Fix Your Things

Big tech companies like Apple don’t want you to be able to fix your own iPhones, computers, or any other technology you’ve bought from them. They go out of their way to keep parts, tools, and repair manuals out of the hands of independent parties. To top it off, the lifespan of these products is […]

Droit à la réparation | The Problem with E-Waste – iFixit

E-waste is global. Some e-waste is shipped overseas, where it is burned for scrap by kids in junkyards. We visited a scrapyard in Accra, Ghana and met some really good kids in a bad situation. They didn’t know how toxic their job really is. Even so, encouraging a global market for used electronics does more […]

Droit à la réparation | Les produits réparables ont du bon sens

La réparation est bonne pour les fabricants, bonne pour l’économie et bonne pour le reste d’entre nous. Les bons produits créent la fidélité à la marque. La réparation n’est pas seulement bonne pour les consommateurs, elle offre également de grands avantages pour les entreprises. De nombreuses entreprises adoptent la réparation de bricolage. Ils savent que […]

Droit à la réparation | Why We Must Fight for the Right to Repair Our Electronics | Apple

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Droit à la réparation | The Last Pinball Doctors

Mike Hooker spends his nights maintaining trains on the Long Island Railroad. He spends his days fixing pinball machines. He’s a freelance pinball repair tech, one of the last serving the New York City area. As you might expect, people call him when their old stuff breaks; often times, they simply want to get rid […]

Droit à la réparation | AirPods Are a Tragedy – VICE

In each article of this column, we’ll focus on one item that could conceivably be discovered by someone 1,000 years from now, and try to explain where this item came from, where it’s going, and what its existence explains about our current moment. AirPods are a product of the past. They’re plastic, made of some […]

Droit à la réparation | Bernie Sanders Calls for a National Right-to-Repair Law for Farmers

Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called for a national right-to-repair law on Sunday. The right-to-repair law is a part of Sanders’ plan to revitalize rural America, which his campaign unveiled on its website. Sanders’ plan involves using antitrust legislation to bust up large agriculture firms, reforming patent law to protect farmers from […]

Droit à la réparation | Apple says your iPhone could injure you. A repair specialist is appalled | Apple

Fix it yourself? If you’re handy. Maybe. My friend John is a landscape gardener. Perhaps because of that, he fancies himself as, well, handy. He believes he has the skills to repair almost anything. Except the occasional relationship. Not so long ago, I went to his house and watched him tinker with the innards of […]

Droit à la réparation | Apple & other tech companies lobby efforts kill Ontario ‘Right to Repair’ bill | Apple

Another ‘Right to Repair’ bill that would have made device producers provide the resources for consumers and third-party repair outfits to fix devices has been put to rest, with intensive lobbying from tech companies including Apple said to be behind the killing of the legislation. A bill presented to the Ontario Parliament in February […]

Droit à la réparation | Apple convincingly lobbied against ‘right to repair’ bill in California citing consumer safety concern | Apple

Apple is known for designing its products in a way that except for Apple experts none can easily repair them in case of any issues. For this, it seems the company is trying hard to kill the ‘Right To Repair’ bill in California which might work against Apple. The ‘Right To Repair’ bill which has […]