Droit à la réparation | Apple Expands Independent Repair Program To Canada And Europe…. And Here’s Why I An Not Impressed With This | Apple

Apple today announced two things related to its Independent Repair Provider Program that I have been critical of. I’ll get to my criticisms later. But here’s what they announced: Over 140 providers are part of the program in the US. The program is expanding to Canada and Europe. So this is good news, right? Well, not exactly. […]

Droit à la réparation | Apple Accused of Overpricing Device Repairs | Apple

By Ben Hamill – October 29 2018 Tech giant Apple has long been accused of overestimating the costs of repairs to its devices, not to mention threatening third party repair shops that are willing to fix iPhones and iPads for a fraction of their prices, according to CBC News. Customers who seek out Apple Stores […]

Droit à la réparation | Apple expands independent repair shop program to Europe, Canada | Apple

By Stephen Nellis (Reuters) – Apple Inc said on Wednesday it is expanding a program to supply repair parts, tools and manuals for iPhones to independent repair shops in 32 countries in Europe as well as Canada. Apple began the program last year in the United States after years of lobbying against state-level « right to […]

Droit à la réparation | How to Fix iPhone Calls Not Working | Apple

Why my iPhone is unable to make or receive calls? Why the device’s screen is showing « Call Failed » or « Call Ended »?  You must have experienced this weird situation with your iPhone. That’s why you’re here. Aren’t you? For all those users who are going through this problem, this post can be helpful as we are […]

Droit à la réparation | ‎Pixelmator Photo on the App Store

Pixelmator Photo is a photo editor unlike any other. It features a collection of nondestructive, desktop-class color adjustments. A set of gorgeous presets inspired by analog photography. A magical Repair tool to remove unwanted objects. Full support for editing RAW images. Artificial intelligence that automatically improves photos like a pro photographer. And it’s designed exclusively […]